Monday, October 31, 2016

Femme Boy Fashion Sales Merchant App

                                           ▨ ▨ Femme Boy Fashion Sales ▨ ▨
                                             ▨ Sponsored by NOP~ Events
Now accepting ALL DESIGNERS, including non fashion creators, so long as the items appeal to our audience.

 The Info 
Sales go Monday 12:01am to Wednesday 11:59pm SLT.
Submissions are open Thursday noon to Sunday 9pm, SLT.
Items must be set to 100L or less for the sale.
Gacha machines are also welcome, but they must be set to under 50L per play.
Sale items will be set up at your store and must be prominently placed near the entrance and easy to find.
Sales update subscriber signs are required for in world stores.
MP stores are welcome!
Submissions can be a mix of MP and in-world sales!

▨▨ Once registered and accepted, submit sale items each week at the website.

 The Rules 
 Anything is allowed such as clothes, accessories, poses, hair, shoes, nails, jewelry, makeup, adult themed, furniture, decor, full perm, unisex, glamour, drag, fur mods, eyes, appliers, etc.
 No resellers, children's items, breedables, or BIAB (Business in a box).
 Items cannot be in other events or for sale at a reduced price elsewhere during the week it is listed. This excludes permanently discounted or retired items.
 Did I mention NO BOOBS?
▨▨ You DO NOT have to join a group, but you will be put on a Merchant subscriber list so long as you are active.
▨▨ All in-world stores are required to set out a subscriber kiosk and leave it out at your store so long as you are active.
▨▨ Marketplace only stores can also join, but will also be put on the Merchant subscriber list for updates.
▨▨ You are not required to submit sale items every week but we ask that you participate at least once a month to stay active.

Friendly tip: A lot of femboys, alternate gender and flat chested avi's have mesh bodies such as the <UTILIZATOR> Kemono and Maitreya Lara.

▨▨ NOTE: If you have something that will work for femme boys but it is from a full outfit that can be worn on it's own without the breast shaded/formed part (i.e. arm warmers, shorts, stockings, boots, etc) then it will be acceptable. You MUST make a note when you submit that the sale is for the accessories and can be worn without the breast shaded/formed part item. Submitting a mesh dress or shirt with female parts/shading that includes nothing else usable by femme boys will not be listed in the sale.

If you have any questions, please put a notecard in the mailbox at the NOP~ Events headquarters.

 Please complete the merchant registration form below.

[Updated: 2016/02/22]

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